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Thread: Defend.. what defence??

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    Defend.. what defence??

    Just read a post by antoinette (sorry might have misspelled).
    If I am online and playing how is it I suddenly get a I have been attacked by XXXXXX.

    I'm not bothered about being attacked winning or loosing, but if I am moving my defense around, in the barracks collecting coins/ res, surely it would be nice to defend as I would in the invasion tasks. It is not possible to be online and defending all the time, but the defending hero has a limited defending attack, and the weakest or random targets are chosen, I am not sure but even the newest players would like to use a supper slam dunk on the biggest cluster or boost the tower and cannon hit rate.

    I am a culprit, but the ability to continuously slam dunk and sweep the cities defence before sending a single troop is a little too much.

    If a upgrade is happening that is relevant to the defence that entire unit is useless, would it be viable to increase the hit rate from other units after all, if a tower has 10 archers, surely they all will not be able to go to hooters for R&R so those 10 could join the other defence until the upgrade is completed.

    It is all so easy to use the powers in favour of the attacker, but in defence the powers are almost irrelevant to the attackers power and decision making. I am unaware of any defence that can leave the defender with any chance after it has been hit by power slams 3 or 4 times.

    With the defence pvp combat has no relevance in the invasion defence, the positioning of walls and towers are different, and have no bearing in actual pvp defence especially when you reach lvl 99 and further adjustment at lvl100.

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    I expect that is why Spartacus's leap got halved, It was just too much when you could empty the targets storages without sending a single soldier.

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