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Thread: Tips and Discussions about Runes

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    Tips and Discussions about Runes

    Hi, sorry about the dealy, took me a while to get home and produce this thread.

    Thereís 3 kinds of Runes: Pact, Oath and Chant with 17 Pact Runes, 17 Oath Runes and 17 Chant Runes, but we can only use 9 of them, assuming that youíre level 25, either way iíll show the guide through levels.

    First of all, i will start by the defining those 3 types:
    Pact Rune increase Physical or Magic damage, speed, critical-hit damage and lifesteal.
    Oath Rune increase Health or Mana maximum, regen amount, moviment speed and regen speed.
    Chant Rune increase Armor or Resist, CD Reduction and Tenacity.

    Now, as requested, you guys wanted to see a Physical and Magical Rune setup, iíll be standing my opinion by analysing the game. Iíll list the runes by order of placement, so if youíre level 10 or 20 the followed steps will be the safe in any occasion.

    Starting with Pact Runes:

    1 Strength
    2 Agility
    3 Savage
    4 Fatality
    5 Bloodlust
    6 Frenzied
    7 Shock
    8 Impulse
    9 Bloodsuck

    Oath Runes:

    1 Fortitude
    2 Trot
    3 Rapid
    4 Toughness
    5 Will
    6 Raid
    7 Killer
    8 Unyielding
    9 Duel

    Chant Runes:
    1 Rock
    2 Knowledge
    3 Puncture
    4 Shield
    5 Shiva
    6 Focus
    7 Titan
    8 Griffin
    9 Shield

    As for Common and Attack ability i would choose these combos:

    Speed-up and Conjure
    Speed-up and Frenzy
    Flash and Rack

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    The above rune build is physical?
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    Yeah, it's. I'll make a magic one later.

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