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Thread: Bug smasher easter egg rewards

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    Bug smasher easter egg rewards


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    I smashed some eggs between the beginning of this event and 15th of April and I was supposed to received 30 manipulator skin fragments. But I did not receive these fragements... I did 2 screenshots on 15th of April to describe my purpose... I would like to receive these as expected.

    Of course I received other fragments the following days, but not these one. Richard (in-app support) found a log on 16th of april when I also received these fragments, but I am still waiting for my first fragments... I haven't any answer for several days...

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    During the first 1-2 days of the event when you partially smashed a tray the rewards in the opened eggs changed when the tray refreshed - it does not mean you got the rewards that appear there, just that the current tray (after refreshing) had those rewards in the eggs you broke.

    You never got those 30 skin frags of Mani, or any of the other rewards that appear in this screenshot.
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