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Thread: Gold for the Victory

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    Gold for the Victory

    Hello. I would like to find out the reason for the victory in the match allowed only 10 gold coins? And for the loss do not give anything. It is without doubt very little given the fact that heroes the cost of more than 10k gold

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    Dear Player
    The several kinds of chests also give gold coins. And the daily winning rewards also gives 100 bonus gold. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    We know that the Daylie Quests also give additional Gold, but U can get only a lot of money if you have enough time to Play Daylie.

    I wouldnt see any problems if a Win would give 15 or 20 Gold. Sometimes you cant do the Daylies cuz of no time etc.

    The real Problem is not the Gold incoming, the Hero prices are. I mean 18888 Gold.. or Diamonds: 1888.. the highest, is there a reason for this prices ?

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