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Thread: I quit, fuck you ucool!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Dear Leader
    Our production team have had a discusion on making some changes to the Heroes Camp some how easier. But the changes are not verified yet that I cannot give further information or make any promise yet. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    You may want to find out if there is any info you can give. Seems the drop off rate is increasing. Some of are us actually fighting to get this game fixed, and keep it going. Some companies would see our love of the game and support here as an asset, and try to keep their player base. Does ucool intend to keep players? Or are you just trying to milk our money in your new game?

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    They dont care. It is obvious.

    They could do some minor tweaks here and there and keep players happy and spenders. But they refuse to do anything like:

    1. Fix training field boost
    2. Put better gear in shops for high level players
    3. Put some heroes in Crusade, Guild, Arena or GA shops
    4. Remove some heroes from GT shop
    5. Fix a bit the drop rates which are ridiculously low
    6. Fix the issue with Ancient temple rewards from players lvl 100+
    7. Introduce a gem based shop that at least we could buy some GT heroes, like this anniversary shop

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    at least im not still getting 5 points for 3 hours of training

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jampang View Post
    there is dangerous content posted there in your thread. lol
    Haha, what so dangerous?

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