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Thread: Suggestion for the community

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    Suggestion for the community

    Hey there! My name is Arya and i play on server 50, i'm a long time player, started back in 2014 probably in september or so, anyways i would like to suggest this:

    Playing another game from another company, one of the developers wich could be defined here like ember/betty created a group chat with few players that have reached a high enough vip level to unlock all features of the game like hot sale chest etc, to receive feedback from these players, like talking directly with the company.

    Why don't you guys do such a thing and start talking really to some players of the community? It would help everyone planning updates receiving feedback and will help ucool gain playerbase's thrust again.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a Facebook Group for certain selected Players

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    Yes master. Thats why game is dying.

    Without hearing players voice, and i dont mean vip15+, you never make a good game.

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