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Thread: Starting Heroes

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    Starting Heroes

    As we all know, each player starts with the same set of heroes as every other player on their server, in the old ones it's admiral, emberstar, shadowleaf, chaplain, and lighting master, and in the new servers int's commander, sniper, chaplain, lightning master, and wind master. I think it would be interesting to have players start with more random heroes, and add items like "1 star hero box", where the player opens and gets a random one star hero. New players could start with 5 of these, and as they progress, get stuff like "2 star hero box", and get a random 2 star hero, and "3 star hero box", which would give a random 3 star hero. I think these should also be added to crusade rewards and godfather. This would make the beginning of the game more interesting, and teach new player strategies as to how to counter certain heroes. What does everybody think of this idea?
    There once was a hero named deathgore,
    People thought that he sucked but they weren't sure,
    So they got him to red 1
    Still he was worse then everyone
    And they got so mad that they swore.

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    Would be a problem if some people get t1 heroes like rf or tf and others get the worst heroes.

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    I started new account on a server just 2 numbers "younger" (and that is less than 130) and you also start with Commander, Sniper, etc there...

    Think that's generally changed not depending on servers...

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