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Thread: Rifleman Legendary Quest Bug

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    Rifleman Legendary Quest Bug

    It seems the update has created a few bugs in my game-play. One of the bugs is with my Rifleman Legendary Quest. On the second quest, I am asked to complete Cursed City 10 times. Yesterday, I raided difficulty 7 (5 times) and the screen didn't change. No indication appeared that the raid was complete nor were any of the raid drops displayed as normal. I force closed the game, reopened, and went back to Cursed City to check if the raids took place and they did. I checked the Rifleman legendary quest and I did get credit. So, that leaves me with 5 more attempts to finish the second question for Rifleman's legendary gear. Today, I log into the game and click on Rifleman's quest which directs me to Cursed City. I do another 5 raids and again no notification or display of drops were shown on my screen. I exit into the main screen and click on Rifleman's quest and notice I did not get credit for the raids, which would have led me to the final stage of the quest for completion. The Cursed City trial itself shows no raids remain, so they did actually happen. Also, if this helps any, not sure if this is a bug with all legendary quests itself, but the raids for the other Hero Trial's actually work and display drops. The Cursed City is the one Trial that didn't show drops, so not sure if this is a bug with a Legendary quest. The Cursed City raids took place between 9:50am-10:00am Central Standard Time. If you could please be so kind as to check into this and give me those arena raid credits for my Rifleman legendary it would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Other bugs involve completing dailies and not receiving credit of completion, but when I log out and log back in the credit is there to collect. I need to force close the game each time collect my dailies.

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    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by it. Your report has been shared with our developers and they will try to fix it as soon as possible. Your kindly understanding and patience for this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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