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Thread: New Lightning Elemental Legendary Quest.

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    New Lightning Elemental Legendary Quest.

    So.. I did 7 / 10 of the trials for LE's Legendary quest.

    I went offline for a couple of hours, and when I can back, it was completed all of a sudden. I do not complain about that.
    But instead of completing elite chap 11 quest. He now has to do 350.000 damage with a team in chap 14.

    I have tried for countless of hours today to try and complete it. It just aint possible.

    All 4 other team members are minimal damage, when he has done it all. But all enemies just die before he can do it. I reach about 80%, but cannot get it further. It is as if, all enemies does not even have 350.000 life in total.

    Anyone can confirm or suggest a setup? Ill give it a try.

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    Chapter 14 which team?

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    Ok did mine. Used commando, chaplin, shadow shaman, le. Yes only used 4

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    Just completed my IE legendary
    I'm using IE(of course), chap, and LB
    That's all

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    Jeeze im still having a hard time finishing the quest.

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