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Thread: Heroes Charge Account lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxjega View Post
    Thank you Betty for the information. I have moved back to 218.
    New username: max+2
    New ID: 29894226
    Dear Leader
    We've re-linked your main account now. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Betty, i also lost my account , please help me,
    Lost username ManLIfe ID 10700924 on server 70 lvl 108 vip 8
    New username Nickname ID 30490624 on server 70 lvl 1
    Hope u can fix this, thanks anyway

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    I have also lost my Heros Arena account

    This is my old account
    ID 13684362
    user name:- Great Dragon
    level 55
    Server 2 :- europe

    I have new account on europe server 2

    New account
    ID 29080177
    Name:- GreatDragon
    Level 23
    please Help me! to retrieve my old account....

    I have done the Process as you asked...

    My Gmail :-
    Please could you help meClick image for larger version. 

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    Hi betty i sent you my information pls help me.

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    Betty will you please help me recover my lost Heroes Charge account? I had to replace my phone. I have most of my info, but I'm recalling my original Acct ID from memory so I know it's close, but not positive its precise.

    Lost: nickname Kindozahm Lv 92 Sever 244 VIP 14 ID 31275505

    New acct: Nickname Xanadar Lv 9 Server 244 VIP N/A ID 32436976

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi I just came back to play and when I linked my google play account, it did not find my old character when I played and it looks like I have to start over at level 1. I had a fairly high account and spent some $$ on it and would like to see if I could restore it if possible. I unfortunately do not remember much of the google play account would be under

    If you can help that would be greatly appreciated.

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    I lost my Account a couple years ago cause my phone broke..

    i wanted to get back to it.
    is there any way?
    i still have a text data on my pc with my info
    i was at teamlevel 75+ if i remember correct and also did in-game purchases quite alot. (ViP 5+)
    i would be very happy if theres a way to get my account back.

    Old Account ID: 3332006
    Guild : 40055
    Server 20 Mystic

    New Account
    Account ID: 32602474
    Server 20 Mystic

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