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Thread: Design Your Own Heroes

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    and of course there are not angels to begin with bro :-)

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    one question, i┤m spanish and my english not perfect. is a problem write everithing in spanish? I can write but will be understood well. thanks for you attention

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    Hero Name: Adamant (True tank of front row)

    Hero Title: The Destroyer

    4 Hero Skills

    US (Twisted Metal): Adamant starts to spin chain over his head and
    makes 3 swings and increasing radius of destruction, but losing
    damage per each swing

    1 swing deals + XXX% damage (only touches the front row)
    2 swing deals + XX% damage (touches the front and middle row)
    3 swing deals + X% damage (touches all 3 rows)

    *if the front row is not present then the first will swing to the
    middle or back row.

    GS (Thorn Mail): (Passive) Adamant has enchanted thorns on their
    clothes, and when the enemy attacks, he gets back X% damage as
    magical damage. Per skill level Adamant get bonus Armor and Magic resist

    BS (Deadly Hook): Adamant throws his hook in a random target (Only
    from mid or back row) and pulls him on the front row. After that
    target have bleeding and lose HP Per X time and reduce armor

    PS (Power Metal): Adamant increase power of chain metal to get X
    bonus HP for all brigade.

    Hero Background Lore: Once upon death knight snatched Adamant's
    heart and made him evil and ruthless.

    "My power in my hands, but your death is comming soon"

    Inflated Biker with a beard in black leather jackets with thorns and
    bandana. On his hands gloves From leather, Soldiers boots on his
    feets. In his hands he holds a chain. on one side steel hook and on the other side large spiked ball.
    And if possible on a motorcycle

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    Hero Name :: Darwin (Mid-line Mage)
    Title :: Chaos, Uncaged

    US :: Entropy

    Darwin disperses for 3 seconds, creating an electrical field on the enemy side of the battlefield, causing area damage each second which has a 25% chance of paralysis to any hero within the affected area.

    GS :: Butterfly Effect

    Darwin blinks to a random hero, paralyzing them for 2 seconds and causes area damage in all directions.

    BS :: Deterministic Chaos

    Darwin pulses with energy, causing intermittent damage to all heroes on the battlefield. Each pulse has a small chance to paralyze the enemy for 1 second.

    PS :: Normalization

    Darwin measures and redistributes the dynamical system, increasing the magic resistance of the whole team and subsequently decreasing the magic resistance of all enemies.

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    Hero Name: Kiyaan
    Hero Title: Wind Mage

    Position: Middle Line Physical Damage Dealer
    Quote: "The wind attacks from all directions!"

    Hero Skills

    Ultimate: Typhoon
    Kiyaan summons a powerful typhoon that displaces enemies. Non-tank enemy hero positioned are randomly shuffled during battle.

    Green Skill: Gust
    A sudden gust of chilling wind slows enemy attack and casting speed for ## seconds.

    Blue Skill: Engulfing Fog
    A fog engulfs and disorients 2 random enemies causing them to use their next 2 attacks on their own team.

    Purple Skill: Hasten
    Kiyaan increases the rate of energy regeneration (Passive).

    Hero Background Lore
    Kiyaan is the son of the Enlil, God of Wind.

    Game Reference: The wind component of the series of Heroes Charge mages adding to Frost Mage, Master Mage, Death Mage, Ice Mage.

    Art Reference Link: Attachment 5467

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    Hero Name : Prof. Snub (Backline - Range Attack using Laser Pistol as Weapon - Intelligent Based)

    Hero Title : Mad Scientist

    4 Hero Skills :
    1st-Ultimate skill (Time Travel) : Using relativity law, Prof. Snub summon a time machine and bring all his teammates travel through time "X second" back to the past, restoring their HP and MP to their current past HP and MP state. Distance of travelled time increased with level (Ultimate/Active Skill)
    2nd-Green skill (Gravity Setting) : Using his knowledge, Prof Snub using his invention tools that magnifying X% of gravity, making enemy attack and movement become X% slower. The magnifying and slowing percentage increased with level (Passive Skill)
    3rd-Blue skill (Pathogen) : Prof. Snub using mutant bacteria to create biological weapon, corrupting enemy HP and MP over the time (Passive Skill)
    4th-Purple skill (Reanimation) : With his state of the art of biological knowledges, Prof. Snub create a zombie virus that could revive any died unit (including enemy unit, but does not include mechanical and clone unit) to fight on his side for X second or if the zombie HP reach zero. Zombies HP and Duration increased with level (Passive Skill)
    5th-Legendary Skill (Death Match Suicide) : Snub attach a small atomic bomb to his body. Whenever Snub's HP reach zero, he detonate the bomb and dealing massive amount of pure damage to all enemy. After detonation both enemy and allies effected by Radiation, reducing HP over the time until one of each side got totally killed (Damage not blocked/reduced by Physical Armor/Magic Resistance)

    Hero Background Lore :
    - "Love and Knowledge is the source of my power" -

    Snub was born as an ordinary man with an ordinary life. On his 33rd age, he become a proud scientist and rewarded a Noble Prize because his invention, a device that able to change gravity force. This invention then used as a standard equipment for intergalactic spaceship. That was before his life started to change when his girlfriend "Viola, killed accidentally. On one night when Snub confessed his love to her on a romantic candle light dinner, suddenly there was mafia fight inside the restaurant and Viola accidentally got shot by gun. After that tragedy, Snub become so sad and his love to Viola turn him into a mad scientist. He become so obssesed to avenge her and he also want to turn back time and try to save her before she got shot and died.
    With his superbly brilliant and intelligent brain, he invented a time machine to travel time into the past to save her. Snub also create a biological weapon to eliminate the mafia group that bring terror to his city.
    As the story goes, Snub travel back to the time before Viola got shot, and succesfully manage to eliminate the mafia group and save her from the gun shot, but it doesn't mean Snub able to save her from death itself. Viola got car accident when they walked out the restaurant. Everytime Snub travel to the past and try to save her from her cause of death, she always killed by different event. Snub travel time back to the past thousands time but still she is death in the end. He can save her from the cause of death but not the death itself.
    Frustrated and desperate, Snub comes to a solution. He travel back to the future to his own time and researching a virus that able to revive the death. He want to use it to Viola's death body and hope she would come alive. Finally Snub able to revive Viola, but the outcome is not like he want. Viola walked, talk, dance, but her eyes is empty, no emotion, no soul... No Love... just a zombie.
    Snub is gave up, he realize he can't cheating the death. Then he decided to get suicide and hoping he would find his love on the "other side". Snub created a small atomic bomb and attached to his body, then he sailed to an empty island far far away from the mainland, then he detonate the bomb and ended his life.

    Art Reference : A scientist with his devilish smile using his lab uniform and of course a glass
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    sorry for my bad english

    Hero Name: Kreis
    Hero Title: Glass Hunter

    Hero Skills

    Ultimate: Dome
    Kreis puts glass dome on all allies. It protects against magic and physical damage. In the dome there is a limit of life, when it is reached, then the dome explodes into small pieces of glass, and they cause physical damage to enemies. At the same time allies who are under the dome can attack enemies, but inflicting little damage in the form of 50%.

    Geen Skill: Outside
    Сreates an arrow made of glass, which flies in the player that is ahead. When it hits its target, it deals physical damage and it breakes into glass shatters that hurt other players and cause them to gradual damage.

    Blue Skill: A Trap
    Randomly selects an enemy player and throws it in the glass dome for 3-5 seconds. When time runs out, the dome on the crack into small pieces and they wound player.

    Purple Skill: Glass flesh
    Passive: Glass protects the body from Kreis's harm and significantly increases the armor.

    Hero Background Lore
    I am here and not here.

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    Deathfire - lukoko (front line healer

    Sorry for bad english

    Ultimate skill: Lukoko is putting a fireshield on the whole team, which can absorb .... amount of damage

    Green skill: Lukoko summons a fireball which explode at the hero with the highest intellect (This is also dealing magic damage to enemys nearby the hero where the fireball explode)

    Blue skill: Lukoko protects the team mate who got the lowest HP with a fireshield, which can absorb .... amount of damage

    Purple skill: The power of fire and death increases lukokos HP by ...

    The background: Lukoko came from the hell. He's the son of the devil.

    The art: deathfire is something like a man coffered with fire

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    Hero name: Archangel
    Hero Title : Wrath of heaven
    Hero skills :
    Ultimate skill : Sword of judgement : Archangel does huge physical damage to a single target with most hp.

    Green skill : angel wings : Archangel uses his huge wings to cover whole team to reduce physical damage for a fixed time and heal a little.
    Blue skill: divine light. Archangel uses his divine power to inflict magical damage over a specific area and blind enimies temporarily.
    Purple skill. Heavenly aura : Archangel uses his heavenly aura to draw power to himself. Increases hp and intellect..
    Legendary skill : Does double damage to demonic and undead heros
    Player name : kingpius
    Server : 74 saif
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    Hero Name

    Hero Title
    Angry Bear / Angry Brown Bear

    Hero Background Lore
    Front line strength hero with various skill to wasting time.

    4 Hero Skills

    Ultimate Skill (Big Hug, physical attack)
    Aura grab the nearest opponent, and reduce his/her HP slowly. While hug, Aura also got increased armor. This skill gives direct damage instead on outland bosses & raid bosses.
    Damage by xxx per second, increased with level
    Increased armor by xx, , increased with level
    (note: during this skill, the target & Aura can not do anything until one of them dies. Aura can mistakenly grab a shadow)

    Green Skill (Angry Roar, physical attack)
    A big roar from Aura, reducing mana & stunning all heroes on the screen (including ally)
    Duration 1 second, increased with level
    Reduced all heroes mana by xx, increased with level
    Damage all shadows by xxx HP, increased with level
    (note : this skill does damage only to shadows, but gives stun effect & reduce mana of all heroes on screen)

    Blue Skill (Counter Status)
    When Aura get bad status, he counter it with various positive effect. Stun & silence can not be countered.
    Freeze, web & exile, Aura recover HP by xxx points, increased with level
    Charm, Aura also charm all heroes on screen
    Blind, Aura receive increased attack speed, increased with level
    Poison/ burn, Aura receive increased xx attack strength, increased with level
    Defense down, Aura increased his evade by xx points
    (note: this counter charm are like this, Aura is always angry, but when charmed, he looks like a cute cat, thus gives a charm to anyone)

    Purple Skill (Lazy Bear, passive skills)
    Aura receive more HP recovery by ally.
    HP recovery increase by xx%, increased with level

    Legendary Skill (Revenge Magic)
    When surviving massive single magic attack above 8000 damage, Aura leap close to the attacker, gives normal attack & stun effect on him/her.
    Stun duration 2 second, increased with level
    (note: Aura will stay in the area until party is moving or until this skill triggered again)

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    Hi Everybody!Here is my hero,which I've crated recently!Hope you like it !

    Hero name: Delta Scorpion

    Hero title:Object 696(TOP SECRET)

    Hero characteristics: Frontline MASSIVE tank, which can handle tonn of damage,and due to his legendary item(SEE LEGENDARY SKILL) can deal damage,just by been hit by the opponent! He has such stats:
    1*-Power(3.0) Intellect (2.0) Agility (1.0)(*agility is very low due to his functions on battlfield)
    2*-Power(5.0) Intellect(3.0) Agility(1.3)
    3*-Power(6.8)(!) Intellect (3.7) Agility (1.6)
    4*- Power (8.5)(!!!) Intellect (4.6) Agility (1.9)
    5*- Power (9.9)(!!!) Intellect (6.0) Agility (2.1)

    US: Destruction Beam: Having once his tail repaired and modified by Liruna(aka machinist-his best friend(SEE HERO STORY*))his perhaps one of the strongest moves have become even more powerfull!Now they automatically hit only weak targets! Actually his ultimate looks like machinist's BUT laser beams hit the weakest target in the team and have an advanced chance of crit/(See hero skill 4(purple)!

    GS:: Titanium Web: At the beginng of the battle Delta Scorpion shoots his titanium web(from his claws) into the frontline heroes making them "Glued" to their places (for 3 seconds) and reducing their attack speed by 25%(again for 3 seconds)

    BS: Weapon Change(Stance change) : This skill allows Delta Skorpion to change his weopons!Insted of the claws he's been using he now uses his Mecha-tail! Unfortunately 2 claws are better than one tail, so attack speed decreas by 20%,BUT
    attack power increases by 10% as Delta Scorpion gains the abbilite to strike with lasers(also you have 25% to blind an enemy for a period of time with every beam)!(similar to machinist 2 skill-SEE HERO STORY),(ATTENTION) This is a skill,which can be controlled by user,but "the stance" can be changed only twice (once into tail and again into his claws) (cooldown of a "change": 1 change(after skill "titanium web",that means 5 seconds after the beginnig of the battle) and 2 one (after 15 seconds of the first change). Unfortunately,during the arena battle you won't be able to controll this skill(but perhaps,if the developers will allow you to do this,you will be given the ability to "turn off" the "stance change" before the arena battle...)

    PS : RED ALERT!: When Delta Scorpion realises that situation on the battlefield is critical, he turns his "secret mode" on. It busts the attack power and the attack speed by a certain amount of % (for example lvl 90 - 50%)

    LEGENDARY: Do or die! : Unfortunately here comes the moment, when Delta Scorpions hp is at 0 and he....NO! His program code doesn't know the word "death"! If he dies than his enemy must die too! After DElta Scorpion has been destroyed his program code gives a command to form 5 self -destructive spiders from his detailes and DESTROY his assasinator! As you've already understood his legendary skill activates after his "death" and Quote myself:'forms 5 self -destructive spiders from his detailes and DESTROY his assasinator" The assasinator here is the one,who made the last hit on our hero(for example if the panda attacked last -than he will be killed in battle right after Delta Skorpions dead!) ( Animationeath mark appers on the head of the Assasinator,5 "bomb" spiders run to assasinator-the animation of fight (i mean small grey cloud after an explosion)-assasinator falls-spiders self- destruct).

    Hope you like the abilites<so let's pass on to our legendary item(***)

    Legendar item - Spiky armor. (unfortunately it isn't connected anyhow with legendary skill.but...)
    Atributes: +60 Power
    +30 Itellect
    10% of gained damage returns to the enemy(i think this will be his "joker")

    HERO STORY: This Robot was crated by a skorpion race to destroy everything he sees on his way(including the Earth).His mechanical hands could slice diamonds like knives slice butter,his armor was made from an unknown element,so that nobody could even scratch it, but the weopon in his tail...It had a code name "oblivion" as it could erase anything just in a few seconds. Everyone thought....this is the end. But then it happened...On his last mission to destroy the main target,his programm code has somehow been changede and he disobeyed his overlord- The Scorpion King. He tried to run away and hide somewhere on the Planet but unfortunately special unit Prime(also hero in he game) found him and executed... Well,he thought so... With his laser gund he destroed his tail,right claw and 3 legs...His fate was determined. He lied in the dark cave waiting for his end...when suddenlly...
    -What's there? Wow! Master,we've found a pile of strange metal ,shall we send it to the smelter?
    -Wait.let me see...
    The last moment which the robot has seen was a figure of a small green creature with the strange "tentacles" coming from his spine.("this is the end"-he thought)
    -Hmm seems strange..but...what?! Is it..e-eyes and...he or "IT" is still alive!C'mon brothers we need to take these thing to the factory as fast as we can!
    -Yay!Another toy!-shouted small cratures nad with the help of teleportation technology went to the factory.
    The robot was lying on the middle of the huge white table.The goblin team stood near.Special robot hands(x-ray - goblin technology)have been analysing the object...
    -Master!Here is "the scheme" of this creature. It looks like it is a .... scorpion i think,but his tail,claws and other sistems are dameged sereiouly.But what is more interesting is that his body is made of an unknowm metal,whic reflects any effect!Even our scanners are unable to look inside it's body! We've also found that this crature is controled by the code,which has some "mistakes in it"though we've fixed them already!What's next?
    -Connect it to our charging sistem! I won't let these unique one die!We shall repair him!
    During 5 months goblin team has been working to repair the system.The Claws were repaired,"legs" were either. And isntead of his ultimate weopon in his tale,which has been destroed, the robot got a new one. Which had exactly the same technology as tentacles of the Master! And here came the moment!
    -OK! Turn ot on!
    In first two minutes nothing happened and goblins thought that everething has been done in zero effort ,but then...The robot eyes opened(the had a mysterious light blue color). he immediately turned his head on the goblin team and said with a strange voice
    - Unnown cratures detected.No data found.Red code.Task:destroy.Execute.
    The creaure turned his tail on the goblins and ....
    -Stop!I won't let you destroy us after what've done to you!-said master.He blocked his tail with his tentacles and tried to calm down the robot.After this robot said once again.
    -Analysing the creature...Secret data found. Race - goblins.Planet:Earth.Not agressive cratures. Task:analyse the situation....Then the robot turned his head to the Headgoblin and stunned
    -Perhaps he is listening to you....
    - Ok then,I shall continue: We've found you 5 month ago, in the dark cave, you were about to die-all your sistems were damaged and we had to rerpair and even remove some of them....we've saved you!
    - Analysing situation. ... Time period:5 month ago. Data found.Recordings found... Analysing main structure....New devices found....New program code found. Savi-o-rs!-said the creture. You are the one's who saived me!-siad the robot.
    -Success!How lucky we are that you didn't destroy us...What is your name?-asked the Master. data found....searching for a code number....found number 696. Code - Delta scorpion.
    -Here it is.That's your name! My name is Liruna!I' m the Master here!Glad to meet you alive!
    -Li-ru-na. Data recorded!
    -So where are you from?
    After that Delta Scorpion has given all the information about himself to the goblin and the goblin told everythin about himself instead.The Master has understood that the main aim of the robot is to take a revenga against it's crator nad once and forever to become free...Since that time Liruna nad Delta Scorpion are best friends! (the end)

    (these are my pictures,hope they do not look very ugly).

    Player Name Xex(id 6923137)
    Server-49 Paastrus
    (Sorry for some mistakes,i'm from russia )

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    Hero Name: Thorvald Murgowar
    Hero Title: The Outcast
    4 Hero Skills
    Outrage - Thorvald charges with his axe at one hero, dealing massive physical damage, and stunning them.
    Headbut - Thorvald bumps with his horned helm against one hero, knocking them back and leaving a Damage over Time effect.
    Rally Cry - Thorvald leaps in the battle at the begin with a Rage and haste buff.
    Nordic Strength - The nordic bloodline grants Thorvald a stronger Strength stat.
    Hero Background Lore: Thorvald Murgowar once belonged to a war-hungry nordic tribe. Though, due to framed treason, he was cast out of the settlement with nothing but his axe, sworn to take revenge on those who took away his honour.
    Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.) -

    Hero Name - Daquiri
    Hero Title - Blackeye
    4 Hero Skills
    Deadshot: Daquiri takes aim at a target, then shoots a crossbow bolt straight at any hero, dealing moderate damage and leaving a heavy Damage over Time effect.
    Ricochet: Daquiri shoots a pure metal bolt that hits two additional targets.
    Binding Shot: Daquiri takes aim at a random hero to deal heavy damage and stunning them.
    Shadow's Swiftness: Daquiri becomes one with the nature, striking from the shadows that increases his Agility.
    Hero Background Lore: Daquiri is a bounty-hunter crossbowman of the woods. The bounty on the gang named the Kreln has increased his interest in taking out every single piece of gold that's left to grab.
    Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.) -

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    Hero name & Title:

    Teigin, The air wielder.
    She's a Female panda middle line agility range DPS

    Hero Background Lore:
    She has been friends with Xun, Lien and Derek for a very long time, since their childhood they always trained together, so she learn martial arts and how to control the air element.
    When she saw how their friends were fighting she wishes to join them and armed with his special mace she went to the battlefield.

    Activate skill: Windcrush
    Teigin leaps to the closest target and hit him with his air-imbued mace, dealing damage and bleeding to the internal organs. If this ability, or the DoT skill kills the target, she can use it one more time to the next target, but with less power.

    Green skill: Air strike
    After 3 strikes Teigin imbues her weapon with air, giving her a boost to attack speed and damage for the next 2 hits.

    Blue skill: Condensed mist
    Teigin channels a mist around the battlefield. It blinds the enemy team, reducing their chance to hit and the damage they recive. It also buff your team giving them a boost to Attack speed and movement speed. It's activated at the start of the battle and last for 5 seconds. Doesn't stack with Inspiration.

    Purple skill: Tornado!
    Teigin summons a Tornado that travels to the enemy team, dealing heavy damage in the process. The first target it hits will be lift up in the air, dealing more damage and stunning him for 3 seconds.

    Player ID: 1237431
    Server: 4 - Chaplain

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    Hero Name: Mao

    Hero Title: Cat Warrior

    Hero Skills:
    Ultimate Skill: From the Tree Tops - Mao jumps through the mid and back line enemy heroes slashing them with her claws while unable to be hit with a chance to stun the enemy
    Green Skill: Double Slash - Mao attacks twice in a wide arc in front of her damaging any enemies in the area
    Blue Skill: Catnip Flask - Mao shares her catnip flask with her allies giving increased attack speed
    Purple Skill: Sharpen Claws - Passive Mao sharpens her claws to increase her attack speed and physical crit

    Hero Background Lore: Mao is a member of the cat tribe, she left to look for adventure and mischief

    Front Line Agility Hero with Support and Massive Damage dealing potential

    Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.): CatWarrior2.jpg

    Hero Name: Serena

    Hero Title: Mermaid

    Hero Skills:
    Ultimate Skill: Mermaid Scream - Deals Magic Damage and Stuns the Enemy Team
    Green Skill: Puffer Poison - Shoots 3 Poison Puffer Spines and Deals Damage over Time
    Blue Skill: Serenade - Charms one Enemy to Attack its Allies
    Purple Skill: Mermaids Tear - When First Ally Dies it Grants Healing to Remaining Allies

    Hero Background Lore: Saddened by the War that decimated the Naga, Serena uses her voice to calm the fighting

    Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.): Mermaid.jpg

    Hero Name: Celeste

    Hero Title: Angel Warrior

    Hero Skills:
    Ultimate Skill: Defender of Friend - Celeste uses her wings to shield the team from incoming attacks, while shielding she has immunity to magic effects and increased armor
    Green Skill: Angel Feather - Celeste heals the weakest ally a leveled amount
    Blue Skill: Destroyer of Foe - Celeste uses her shield to deflect damage for a time and thrusts her sword through the enemy team dealing holy damage
    Purple Skill: Holy Armor - Passive Armor Bonus

    Hero Background Lore: When a hero summons Celeste, they must prove their worth, and then Celeste will defend them without fail

    Art Reference Link (If any, do not use images you do not hold copyright or rights to.): AngelWarrior.jpg

    Your Player ID Number: 11268398 - Aureolin
    Server Number: 75 - Bokka

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    Ferryman BRUTUS Italian Guild

    Ciao ragazzi scrivo dall'Italia la mia idea,
    Nome: Dolly
    Titolo eroe: angelo custode
    AbilitÓ 1: Dolly sbatte le ali spingendo indietro i nemici che hanno un livello pari o pi¨ basso del suo causando danni fisici.
    AbilitÓ 2: Dolly si moltiplica per 4 volte, ogni una delle sue copie andrÓ a prendere il controllo del proprio alleato incrementando i danni d'attacco per 5 secondi.
    AbilitÓ 3: Dolly difende i propri alleati ponendosi come scudo davanti ad essi diventando per 5 secondi immune ai danni magici.
    AbilitÓ 4: Dolly convoca i cieli e gli inferi dando a tutta la squadra immunitÓ ai danni fisici per 3 secondi.
    Immagine: Beh non sono un buon disegnatore , su Hermes abbiamo un po di tutto ormai, diavoli, demoni, teschi, draghi, donne, orchi...
    Non c'Ŕ un angelo per˛, io pensavo ad un angelo, di sesso femminile, qualcosa di positivo!

    Spero ci piaccia!!

    Server 10 Ferryman
    ID 10592216

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