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    Question Login Issue

    hello all, i started playing HC one week ago on my android phone. i decide to install the game on my ipad, assuming that i can login the account i've been playing on my android phone, but i was wrong. In fact when install it on my ipad, i was promptly forced into a new account. Please, can the developer give an option for login, so that i can play my HC account on android at my iPad too. One more thing, is the android and iOS have different server?

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    Well, this has also happened to me but I don't think that we can open the same account on an iPad. But right now, I am badly stuck in my college assignment, And I am looking for rush-my-essay help for it. If you know where I can get it then please let me. And If we link our HG android account with mail or something then maybe it open with some account on iPad.

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