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Thread: Support Not Working

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    Support Not Working

    An In Game Support request was made for an account (with hold name for now). Support ticket was generated (with hold ticket # for now). It has been over 48hrs so now into the third day and no response from support at all. Not even a message verifying that they received a support request. So a 2nd support request was made from another account to ask if the first account support request had indeed been received. We got no responses from both accounts. Several other members have started writing support creating alot of requests about the status of the 1st and original account and support request. No one has received any response at all.

    May I request that someone verify here! If indeed the request has been received and can someone comment as to what players should expect from support requests... IE email verification that support request was received, possible time frame as to getting response to support tickets etc.. Being unable to play the game at all for over 2 days is almost unforgivable when you consider your left in the dark with no response of any kind. Im not making threats just trying to get a handle on how we and support should interect and what to expect. Unless some information is given then the opinion that over 48hrs of non play and no response is unforgivable stands. Please help someone. Is it unreasonable to think on the 3rd day its hopeless and pointless find another game to play?

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    Hello Bravo, we have informed you in the reply email that the support ticket will be responsed usually within 5 business days. And we are trying out best to assist on every ticket in 48 hours.

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    I purchased a chest on Friday April 19, 2014 I have not received this chest I have sent multiple requests to billing support and have not received any answer yet as to why I don't have the chest. I provided the copy of the paypal proof of purchase. This is now Tuesday April 23rd that make four days way longer than the 48 hrs you have requested that we wait for replies. I have checked on my request as well the only reply was about a dispute but I verified with Paypal there is no dispute and the funds where withdrawn everything was in order except that I and my alliance did not received what was paid for.

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    If you have a support ticket that has not received a reply after 5 business days, please send me a PM with your ticket# and I'll follow up for you. We can't discuss support tickets on the public forum so this thread will be closed.

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