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Thread: Well done your battle programming is excellent

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    Damn, Ucool are gonna have to change the name to "starship Troopers" at the moment I'm trying to work out which one has more BUGS

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    Dawnseeker, your entire attacking scheme is bugged. Troops NEVER have threats as a priority. =YOUR POST IS A PIPE-DREAM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by <Axe>Mallard View Post
    WRONG! Troops, all of them can currently be released right next to a defensive tower. They will then turn in to opposite direction and attack resources, barracks, and builders houses while getting slaughtered. Troops will hit walls, break a hole in them, and then move to the next post and start hitting it, or turn in the opposite direction to hit something else. Troops will get into a city, then fight the walls to get back out instead of attacking the items in the city. Thiefs, released next to a silo or gold storage will try to run to the other side of the map to attack a level 1 farm instead. Infantry will get into a city, then run in circles hitting nothing. It is way beyond "could be a bug".
    Got it, thanks. I'll pass it on.

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    Yes it is senseless, but that is how computers are. You wont be changing that in a hurry.

    So why not use it, instead of complaining about it. plan your outworks to ensure that whatever plan the attacker have in dropping his units gets scrambled and become useless.
    It is not excessively hard, each unit have its tropisms and will attack those first, you can use that to fx divert his saboteurs to 'useless' walls outside the city so his pillage units arrive all alone at an undamaged wall. A quite effective defense.

    Defense towers also have their tropisms, rules about what troops to shoot at first, that can be used by you as attacker to 'shield' the important troops in your plan.

    Dont complain, see the possibilities ;-))

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