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Thread: Spartacus Soul Gem's

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    Spartacus Soul Gem's


    I've got in my items "Spartacus Soul Gem's". How can I use them?


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    You need them to upgrade a general's star level.

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    I know that, but when I click on "Spartacus Soul Gem's" in my items then I get the respons that I cannot use them here. so where can I ?

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    Click on the generals button down in the bottom right hand corner of the page. After you've opened your generals inventory, find Spartacus by clicking on his picture. Up in the top of his picture there is an arrow you can click on next to a line of stars. Once you click this arrow, you will receive a pop that displays how many soul gems you need to upgrade your general to their next star level and what the rewards are for doing so. I hope this helps, if not Private Message me. Also, any other questions do not hesitate to PM me either. Have a nice day.

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    Thanks, now I understand it. thanks again

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