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Thread: Alliance Rankings

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    Alliance Rankings

    I have a few questions regarding Alliance Rankings if anyone has a moment. How are alliances ranked according to influence? What are the benefits of having a higher influence than an opposing hostile alliance? How are smaller alliances with less members but more quality players at a disadvantage to a bigger alliance with more members but less quality? How would those smaller allys with more talent get more recognition? How is an alliance's overall influence calculated? Been around since the beginning of Age 1 Evony, but have a few questions about how the smaller but more dominant alliances are supposed to get the respect they earn. Thanks for your time in advance.

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    Alliance ranking is nothing more than a reward for those who coin early on a realm. It is a measure of total influence by the alliance which is total TH levels for all members reduced by influence loss by losing battles when they are attacked and split into groups by the level of the alliance, that is a level 5 alliance with 100k influence will always be ranked higher than a level 4 alliance with 10 million influence. It is not a measure of how good an alliance is, an award for accomplishment, any of the like, it is simply an award for being the highest spenders and best at moving alt accounts between alliances to over inflate a number.

    The Plunder rankings are similar, in that players created alts, plunder with them, and then spend hours passing the resources between accounts to artificially inflate their ranking to try to win gems. Hero ranking, again, reward those who pay early and often. You might think this is unfair, but does not matter. It is simple act, they are designed to reward those that make money for the company so as to encourage making more money. Live with it or don't play. The general philosophy is that if you are not in that group then you are just here to feed them anyway.

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