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Thread: Roullete Heroes

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    Roullete Heroes

    So I'm pretty new to the game and noone inthe in game chat is answering possibly cause of character limit in chat makes it hard to word this in oily 1 short message. Do the heroes that are only avalible via Diamon led Roulette ever become avalible for ingame free currency i.e gold tickets, or even diamonds. I am really enjoying the game but the group of heroes locked behind a RNG style pay wall is a bit frustrating especially since I don't know if they'll ever come out from behind that pay wall.

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    They Used to back then they were all purchasable with coins before, what I call, “the accident” happened, which is the game slowing down and not receiving updates I bought kors before they removed him from the regular purchase, but I believe when Ucool finally gets enough money for heroes arena and become financially stable maybe they will put the roulette heroes back into regular coin/ gem purchase

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