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Thread: Can you help me with a possible hacker?

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    Can you help me with a possible hacker?

    Okay there is this one guys who came up all of a sudden and in possibly 3 Weeks since he start his game got 2 Super crossbows and a huge cities grunts and wizards to the max level and so on. People in his clan told me he did not donated money or bought packages or whatever can u guys see into him? i mean hackers should be banned should they not? his coordonates are R6 678 470 and i am quite Concerned. His name is =Dragon= please help? also he's been bullying me ever since he got here. in one day he got town hall rank 5!?!?!

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    Hi please contact customer support and select the correct category Report Abuse. Thanks.

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    thank you Raymond you are the best!

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    but how do i do that? O.o

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    The Chat window has 5 tabs, "All", "Realm", "Alliance", "Private", and "Support". The last one, isn't really a tab at all, it's a link to the support website.

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    <TLN>0utKAST is cheater (realm Angers)

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