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Thread: REVENGES can they be improved, OR are they fine?

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    REVENGES can they be improved, OR are they fine?

    Do you think REVENGES should be "WITHIN A RANGE" of players Town Halls?

    Many of the revenges ARE DEALT with by the ADVANCED in generals and buildings(those far ahead) and a new guild
    trying to get started can't even use their revenges because that person is just impossible to beat or damage to
    regain the influence lost, we're too intimidated(or wise) to use them. An imbalance.

    If the revenge button made a check and OFFERED the revenges to players with Town Halls within 2 levels of them,a 5 city range,
    because that tells the types of fighter units and will make better and more fair guild revenge fighting.

    Never leaving OUT the advanced player.. He may still Revenge but with penalties! because he's acting out
    DISHONORABLY(even though it's a war game) in torching everything in sight(picking on the little guy) and getting
    even MORE powerful!

    This game should have three types revenges

    WEAK REVENGE(under the range) REGULAR REVENGE(within the range) HARSH REVENGE(above the range)

    Same graphic BUTTON may be used on the war report, however each player would ONLY see which type of revenge
    pertains to them as to their town halls verses their adversaries they are trying to revenge.

    WEAK REVENGES get a small bonus for taking on a bigger town halls and winning.. not likely
    REGULAR REVENGES are just normal.. have fun, good luck!
    HARSH REVENGES get a bad penalty for taking on a smaller town halls and obviously winning.. very likely

    Cities are meant to be demolished, but it IS NOT sorted who within the GUILD that it would best suited for it. So how so the leaders decide if they are trying to help their city regain influence. And the revenge jumpers ARE usually the advanced players.. maybe the greed will be curtailed some if there tiny penalties and different types of revenges. NOT holding any players competative nature back in them, It just seems the most powerful seem to carnivorously eat everything because of their untouchable revenger! maybe Guilds need some evaluational data when guilds decide who should go; not that you'll control you're players anyway..

    But perhaps it would foster guilds fighting, because ANYBODY will want to fight a more in range type fight!

    [Technically]The servers only must do a check between the players town halls to determine WHICH revenge graphic to display to individual players AND which penalties or bonuses to apply to the those resolutions of battles. post appropriate graphic in the war report.

    What IS you're opinion COE players? I'd like to hear about that; or am i totally missing out on something?
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    what is YOUR opinion, firstly, and secondly, your idea is alright, but needs a bit of work. It's fine, sure, in theory, but it still doesn't have a balance. There's always going to be unbalance in these types of games. Hence Age I. Massive armies and guys with hundreds of ports at their disposal need only port in to a spot next to you and it's over. lol This game doesn't really have loss beyond resources if you're not at a historical city, so until they introduce that, there's no need to really do anything about that.

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