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Thread: Ditch the kingdom orders

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    Ditch the kingdom orders

    When they work, Kingdom Orders are a boring waste of time that simply keep you from actually playing the game.

    They seldom work. No progress is being made to fix them. If you are attacked while trying to work on them, your training queues are almost always trashed.

    We are given tasks that we cannot fill just to make us spend gems. Yes, I know this is by design, but it is not reasonable to give tasks that include troops a player cannot make, and more troops than they can hold in their rally, and then immediately increase the requirements when they upgrade their rally and barrack. If the required level was by, say TH level, that would be almost reasonable, but you are simply giving tasks that cannot be done without pay no matter what is upgraded.

    The higher the order level, the more likely it is to crash, and every time it crashes, the build queues are completely trashed and the player has random troops in rally and queues that then must to thrown away, wasting more time and resources. Then they will be hit again after spending 19 minutes of the 20 needed to try again, and once more the queues get trashed.

    When they fail, the player does not get the resources/troops, and worse, sometimes gems spent to complete the task back.

    The Kingdom Orders are nothing more than busywork that keeps players from actually playing the game.

    Dump them. Remove them from the game. We need the credits, and having separate tasks to do them are fine, but how about giving us tasks that actually have something to do with gameplay instead for busy-work that fails. A simple idea would be give us random battles from campaign. Make a basic task equal to an easy campaign battle, common a normal, uncommon a hard, and Epic be a top hard campaign battle for instance with the number of credit points determined by which campaign state it came from.

    Devs have shown no ability to fix them, and even if they did the current Orders are a poor feature of the game, so replace them with something that works.

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    We're working on fixing the bug with Kingdom Orders. But if you don't like it, you don't need to do it.

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    we need the experience on generals dawn !

    Could you get the kingdom orders bug fixed pl.


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    I tried 3 orders this morning. Haven't done any today before those (April 5). Haven't done any since yesterday morning. None of the three worked. I sent pictures of my screens. Please fix.

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