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Thread: How are alliance rankings calculated?

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    How are alliance rankings calculated?

    Last night when the rankings ended our total influence was showing as slightly over 586k and our rank was tenth. This morning its back to over 4 million and we are ranked first.
    We had several members with level 8 and level 9 town halls at full influence, plus many members with lower town halls at full influence. The more we hit the higher ranked alliances, the faster our ranking dropped. Even revenging immediately any hits that we got did not raise us to what our actual total was.

    It was certainly frustrating and now we are utterly confused as how the rankings are calculated. Any one with some insights as to how the rankings work or how influence actually works?

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    Not quite sure how they're calculated tbh. I do think they need to be corrected or re-formulated though. Rank 10-15 alliances with 15 players that have skill and talent should be able to compete with 40 member alliances in the top 3 no problem. Instead it seems like the lower member count alliances have no recognition due to smaller member numbers even though their player levels and talent are twice the size of the bigger alliances.

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