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    Add walls in ACHIEVEMENTS take out the XP in them and add 3 - 5more walls

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    A small request for Achievements. Please put the three campaign achievements last on the list. I could not finish 'Trebuchet' in closed beta and do not expect to be able to beat it in the next few months.

    Please put them last on the list so I don't have to be reminded every time I go to Achievements of my inadequecies.

    Thanks for helping me keep my delusions of adequecy.

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    It is a goal Algona, not a taunt. Honest...

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    "Friend In Need" achievement has a glitch. I have accomplished this 3 times already and each time I do not get the 100 XP or the 2 gems and each time the achievement reappears in the list that needs to be accomplished.

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