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Thread: Update button on Kingdom Orders

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    Update button on Kingdom Orders

    I've noticed that when I click on Kingdom Orders, aside from the Submit button at the bottom, there is also an Update button. What is that for? There is no explaination and I'm leery of clicking it in fear of losing coins or resources that I have earmarked for something else.

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    I think you mean upgrade button?

    After reading your post I checked it out and tried it. Spent 10 gems to upgrade an order I could fulfill and got an order I can NOT fulfill. At least as bad, the original order paid 45k coins and 15k ooods, the new order paid 60k coins and 60k goods and required 40k more goods to fulfill. 10 gems to net 15k coins? SERIOUSLY?

    I've whined about unfulfillable orders before, but REALLY? You took 10 gems to give me an order with no net profit and I can't fill?

    I won't be upgrading any more orders. Awful, awful 'feature'.

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    Upgrade is a great feature if you want to do only epic orders to make your generals strong.. The resources given is just a bonus to the spell upgrades you get from orders.

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    not all orders are about how much res you get you have to look at how many credits you also get
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