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Thread: Chicken dinner feedback

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    Angry Chicken dinner feedback

    Prizes... Are you serious?

    You made a good competitive feature.
    You need to have a brain, money is nothing. Bravo, Ucool!
    First time you made something good for all... but...

    Next step. Ok, we made a good thing. Let's make another obvious trash for our favorite money bags!

    I played for Legend-10. I won more then 70% of tournaments.
    And what i got? 550 crystalls and 330 fragments of Master Mage (!!!).
    Guys, do you think it's fair?

    Your prizes are not depends on your pains for getting high title.
    Only money. Like any other activity in this game. Why?

    Is it hard for you to understand, that you will try to get higher if you will see a cool prize.
    Cool prize, not trash, do you understand?
    Parts of skin, maybe or old payed characters...

    Omg... 550 crystalls for month, less than 1st place at arena (everyday prize).
    Think about it, please.

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    Sad thing - they just use as like beta testers for some feature what no one wants and no one care, except one developer who force that thing. When they add next feature, even less players decide to try it

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    Ucool, are you ok?
    Second season... no prizes at all. Why?

    Where is the skin for Legend? Maybe, payed character? Something valuable, maybe?
    No! 60 crystals is enough for you.

    More skill, better results - better prizes, do you hear about this principle?
    Is "more money - better prizes" only thing you know?

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