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Thread: ALT/BULLY SOLUTIONS - Not Complaints

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    ALT/BULLY SOLUTIONS - Not Complaints

    I didn't play the closed beta of CoE so some of these suggestions my have been tested or are redundant in mentioning but here are a few thoughts that I believe might help in removing the incentive to use multiple alts as well as increase the general game play.

    Effectively, all these suggestions are in an effort to create an incentive for small players to join alliances and remove it from players who want to grow explosively. At the same time, not reducing the incentive to coin if that's your preference.

    1) Offensive Penalties
    An offensive penalty for attacking players with lower TH level. Just like the campaign's difficulty levels, escalate the penalty in severity by levels. One level higher: No General. At 2 levels higher: No General and x2HP to defenses AND 50pt honor loss. At 3 No General and x3HP to defenses, 100pt Honor loss .. and so on. (perhaps too severe at one level, optionally one level is equal and start the penalties at 2 levels higher)

    If you want explosive growth for defensive purposes, fine. Spend the money. But it would take away the incentive grow too quickly for the sole purpose of spam attacking (or bully) tiny players in a game where starting late seems to be practically impossible anyway.

    2) Alliance Proximity Bonus
    In the same way you get a % reduction of resource creation when you're close to a non-allianced players, have the small players gain a small (+5% per lower TH level) for every overlapped alliance member BUT (and this is important), the larger player receives an equal negative impact to their own city's resource production...Cumulative.

    3) Enforce the limit of acct to IP addresses to an appropriate number. I read an admin response that summarized Evony/Ucool's position on alts as follows: "There is now way to determine how many people are in a single dwelling sharing the IP of a particular modem/port. If we did cancel an account, there is no telling if it would be the primary or the alternates" .... How bout this? 4. That's a good number. I don't even particularly have a problem with an alt account. I would love to have one in the game while I'm learning the rules to experiment on. It's the people with 10 or 20 or 50 who use them to speed grow.

    None of this takes away the incentive to spend money on the game. One the contrary, it keeps more people involved spending less at all at once but FAR more by volume over time. There are PLENTY of ways to spend to increase your defenses even at low levels. While the incentive is there to grow absurdly beyond the other players in the game, the rest of the players will lose the incentive to play at all.

    If still not convinced, run 2 servers. One that allows all the bots and alts that you want and the others that are strictly enforced and compare once it's determined that they are functioning properly and the clean servers are actually clean. It doesn't take much to determine the value of 10 people spending 1000 vs 1000 people spending 30.
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