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Thread: Bug in Troops upgrade

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    Unhappy Bug in Troops upgrade

    Greetings evony stuff

    Five days ago i started an upgrade for lvl-4 infantry and it cost me 1.5 million resources and today it has been completed and i started 2 recruit some of them. but when i logged out the game and came back later i was shocked to see that my infantry are lvl-3! which means all resources i collected and time consumed for upgrade have gone in vain. now i am afraid from re-upgrading them or upgrade any other troops since i don't like to lose more resources and time. i know you had many glitches and bugs to fix but this is a serious one. you know that many players do coin for such upgrades and it is really inconvenient and disappointing to realize that all of that was for nothing

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    Thanks for the report. We will investigate.

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    If you have infantry (or any troops) in queues when you finish their upgrade their stats will be correct but they'll sometimes show a star less than they should.

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