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    Post kingdom orders

    I noticed in the Kingdom orders, there are gold stars encased in a circle that you have to get. Where do I get the gold stars? All noticed that if you click the "x" in the upper-right hand corner, a timer begins (about 1 hour) and I have no clue what is happening. For 3 of the kingdom orders, I've managed to recruit the necessary troops to complete one, but the troops disappear and not sure what it is I'm supposed to get in return. Anyone have answers?

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    I would like to raise exactly the same issues raisd by Trio and would appreciate it very much if we could get a clear and a straight forward answer. I will summarise the above concerns as bullet points and pls, pls answer them one by one:
    1) Where and how do we get gold stars
    2) Why are we clicking the x on the upper right hand corner? what does it do? what happens after one hour?
    3) Why we have orders with different? and why are they identified as basic,.....?
    Would appreciate your response

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    1. You get gold stars from attacking and winning battles.

    2. You can only do ten kingdom orders a day, after you complete an order a new one will appear, in one hour. That is what the timer is counting down.

    3. The different type of orders pay out different rewards, basic is the lowest and requires the least troops. The larger the order, the larger the payout. Epic orders are the highest to do, but make sure you have enough rally space to hold all the troops required before you start one.

    When you do a kingdom order and submit it, the troops disappear and you get the rewards for that order. Credits, goods and gold, you have a limit of what you can hold for credits based on the level of your town hall.

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    Excellent explanation of how it works when it's working right, Weth. lol

    I've no reason to think this advice is out of date, however: When doing Kingdom Orders, refresh often.

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