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Thread: Revenge rules

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    Revenge rules

    uCool needs to strongly consider changing the revenge hit rules. Because hits which do not earn a start are not revenge-enabled, and do not clear the revenge, people are taking advantage of this. As it stands now, at least these two ways exist, and are being used, to take advantage:

    1) Alliance A puts a dummy account across the map in alliance B's area, affecting their production. B attacks it repeatedly to port it out, putting a series of revenge enabled attacks in A's war reports. Alliance A then has B's members marked. From across the map they can repeatedly send plunder attacks at B's members, and not just once for each report, they stop the attack before they earn a star, and then can keep repeating this. And Alliance B, even the person attacked, cannot retaliate because the raider is too far away and the attack report is not revenge enabled.

    2) A player attacks another. They get punished for it with map attacks, lose, and or forced to move or be constantly farmed, or they just decide to leave the area. They even change alliances. Days later however those reports are still in the alliances reports, with revenge enabled, and they can still hit. That is fair, until the attackers repeatedly plunder, but stop the attack early so that the link stays and they can to it again.

    I would suggest that the revenge link should only be enabled for a short period of time, three days would seem plenty long.

    The button should be cleared after the first hit, or the first hit with 1% damage, or say 1% of the resources plundered. This would allow aborted attacks to not clear it, but unsuccessful ones would and stopping early would. It should be up to an alliance to police that their weaker members are not attacking and clearing their link when stronger players could avenge, not COE allowing farming from across the map via revenge.

    Revenge link should be enabled for any hit. Again, if you don't want to enable for feeble hits, or errors that a person aborts without doing any damage, you could enable a very low threshold limit, like 1% or resources plundered or 1% damage, but it should be much lower than 1 star.

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    Ideas noted.

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    Another fairly small change that would be VERY nice would be to distinguish revenge attacks in the War Reports (so that a player can get revenge for a common, quest-related map plunder without going to war with an entire alliance).

    Or have I missed something that's already there? lol

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