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Thread: heroes to get and to avoid.

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    heroes to get and to avoid.

    hello, i am starting on a new server (219) and i wanna know what heroes i should get. what heroes i should avoid. i am talking about event shop skins and vip heores. also is black tulip really worth it i have 4 days to buy her then i wont be able to get her for a while since on new servers u can only buy vip heroes during the first week. im wondering if i should get vip 11 before shes gone or i wait for good skins package to become vip 11.
    i know for a fact cleric is a skin i need. then shadow leaf commando sapper are they really worth it ?

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    Don't buy her. Make an account to a lower server and see what heroes are used. But you are 2-3 years behind...

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    Honestly no Character is worth 100$ and no Skin is worth 100$/200$. Even 50$ is way too much for a Skin.

    You don't need Cleric or Arcane Sapper Skins. Yes they are very strong but both Characters are also strong without the Skin.

    Here are my recommendations:

    • VIP 0 as Free 2 Play Casual Player
    • VIP 6 as Free 2 Play'ish Casual Player to get best value for your buck
    • VIP 11 if you want to play it seriously for a long time
    • 200$/month if you want to be/stay competetive...

    Keep in mind it is an old game with no community and very little development (most of the content is copy/paste from other games).

    If you want to have an overview of all Heroes feel free to check my Tier List. Even though it may not be 100% accurate it shouldn't be too far off.

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