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Thread: You know there's something unbalanced when....

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    You know there's something unbalanced when....

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    New guy here, so I can't post new threads yet. I have some questions about the game, been playing about 2 weeks now, spent maybe $50. I am curious about some balance things too (like LordWoffle posted), especially in the Arena.

    I am at L51 right now, but I have noticed something since about L40. I will make a group of heroes (I have tried several combos) but when I choose an opponent to attempt to raise my rank, I always seem to lose even when my power is (for example) 17,500 and using all L50 heroes with maxed out skills against someone who is (for example) L46 and power around 15,000. Is it my noobness, or is there something I am missing as well?

    I've read several of the stickies/guides and while they are all pretty old (3+ years) I try to follow the advice that still seems relevant. Thanks for any/all advice.

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