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Thread: PvP battle

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    PvP battle

    There are obviously a lot of things which need to be fixed before a change as large as this went into place, but I would suggest a goal for the future be to implement online PvP challenge battle. Map and Match battles are more of a raid battle, with the defending city having no real defense and no control other than city setup. This would require both parties be online. As a starting point for discussion, I would propose:

    When the battle prepares to start, both players go into split screen mode such that they see both cities.

    They are given some time to decide which if any of their generals will be used defensively and offensively. If they have only one, then they need to decide which way it will be active.

    Likewise with troops, they can be designated to be inactive, used in the other player's city offensively, or in yours defensively.

    When battle starts, you are in charge of deploying the troops and using spells in each city until either one city was razed or the battle time limit expired.

    I would suggest that a player who is online could challenge another player who could then accept or decline, or they could join a queue of those available and be assigned a random opponent. Random opponents would be assigned by some rating criteria of what should be relatively fair battles so that a player who had been in the game for months was not matched with someone who just started. The criteria could be as simple as who long the account had been active. For the random queue, a player could enter whenever they were ready, or be put in there automatically if they went too long without entering, similar to match battles.

    To pull this off would require servers being operated relatively lag free unfortunately, so will require bots be fully controlled first.

    A lesser option would be pre-deploy the troops during the set-up stage and only be able to target buildings with spells or even not have direct control of generals during the battle, only have them AI controlled as with defense on current match battle. With communication lag, this may be the only level currently realistic, but even this I think would be a big improvement on the enjoy-ability of battle gameplay.

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    Thank you! Gooseman!
    I've remarked and listed your suggestions for our designing team and we will see if this can be realized.

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