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Thread: Battering Ram! Woohoo!

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    Battering Ram! Woohoo!

    I was darned excited, lvl 9 barracks complete, get the battering ram, gonna smash me some wallz!

    Sure it's pricey, not much damage, kinda weak on HP, but still, gonna smash me some wallz!

    Try it out on Pike in the campaign, clear some defences with sparty blasts... Gonna smash me some wallz!

    UNLEASH THE BATTERING RAMS! Gonna smash me some wallz!

    Rumble, rumble, damn slow buggers, rumble rumble, whiff?


    Worst, 2 did not even take out one lvl 8 wall segment. NOT gonna smash me some wallz.


    To some up, a unit requiring 2 barracks level upgrades more than wiz has fewer HP, takes more time to recruit, moves slower, <<< dps, suicide, costs three times as much goods, and takes up more rally spot room.

    Seems pretty much the nut low. Am I missing something? Is there any redeeming factor to battering rams?

    I do have a solution to help them a little.

    No suicide.
    Give them as many hp as a grunt.
    Give them 5-10x dps against walls. Yeah, I know this might require additional programming.

    I don't know if this wold make them really useful, but at least they would not be the incredibly awful units they appear to be.

    Alternative, throw out the battering ram and give us a unit that doesn't suck?

    Thanks for considering this!

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    Good ideas. I also think they should attack a wall until killed, and should have a lot of HP, and probably should take up more space in the rally spot.

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    If your smart u would give the ram atk equal half the atk of the elephant and half the hp of grunts, and they take 10 spaces of rally spot

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    They did throw em out and gave us the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lanterns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY EVONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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