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Thread: Skarlet mana problem

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    Skarlet mana problem

    Dear leader,
    Skarlet has some serious mana issues specially on her 2nd ability please consider reducing it from 60 to atleast 45? 40?.
    And last thing is when using her 1st after 3rd she loses 3rd skills effect and is useless. Is it bug? If so please fix

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    Mana has always been a tricky resource for Magic: The Gathering, and Skarlet is no exception. The card pool for Skarlet is small, and many of the cards that do produce mana are low-impact and easily removed. This can often lead to mana issues for Skarlet players, who may find themselves struggling to keep up with their opponents. There are a few ways to mitigate this issue, however, such as running mana-producing creatures and using mana acceleration spells. With a bit of careful planning, Skarlet players can ensure they have the mana they need to compete. real estate services Towson

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