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Thread: Ayola wtf?

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    Ayola wtf?

    Why didn't you guys just lower the cooldown of Ayola the way she was before???? you butchered her healing, AND her shielding is gone?? might as well not play supports.

    Angelyne got better with the minus CD fix. but old angel was way better.

    You could have made old angelyne's 3rd ability the sleep. and kept her with 3 heals to keep her team full of Life. but team mates die in 2 hits especially when you have people that 1 shot most heroes.

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    All supports wtf?

    Why in the first place they're changing/nerfing the supports to the point where they're useless? I never seen any of my teammates picks support in all the games I've played. If not training mode, I wouldn't know their skills.

    Supports supposed to support the team, babysit them and not be useless pick.
    If players have problem with their heal then use equipment that helps to deal with them instead crying for nerf.
    Strategy. I never stick to the same build every match.

    I hope that they'll make supports more useful. I'd appreciate great support with me as assasin on same lane or in teamfights

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    Dear Player
    Thank you for your feedback. We will let our production team know. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    "Why in the first place they're changing/nerfing the supports to the point where they're useless?" I'm always asking this question in my emails... Ayola and Angelyne useless again

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