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Thread: Link Facebook Account Problem

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    Link Facebook Account Problem

    Well .. i have a problem to link a facebook account.
    When i bought the phone ( iOS ) i start a new account ,i made it level 92.
    After that i link an account( level 101 .. everything fine i was playing more than 7-8 months )..
    And now i want to link a different account , but its not working like before..
    What i have to do.. i reinstall the game so many times , change the gamecenter .. and its still the same shit..
    The game is always loading 101 lvl account.. Even after link success from the menu:>

    Account is running with emulator on my pc but on my iphone nope..
    So prob the acc is linked with HD version ( link success ) thats why i cant see it on my phone ( non hd version iOS ) .. ?

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    Dear Leader
    We are so sorry that you cannot switch accounts on one device. The game doesn't support account switching. If you have more than one device, please tell us the new account id you see on the device as well as the account id you would like to retrieve and then we will be able to help. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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