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Thread: Elite crusade and totems

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    Elite crusade and totems

    First of all please fix hard crusade loots. We all know they are crap and do not reflect what end game feature has to offer.

    On Elite crusade:
    1. Give gold on every stage. Gold is quite scarce for many players so it is mandatory to be as a loot there.
    2. Don't even think roll out this feature without raid mechanics used on normal and hard crusades modes. Adding 30-60 minutes for this feature is killing the game. The game is too time consuming right now, don't make it feel like a job.

    1. Rework the feature to give high spenders a slight and not unlimited advantage. Otherwise you will just make the gap bigger and force many players to quit.
    2. Having said that, I feel you already have given high spenders too much advantage with skins. Now you want to give even more? If that is your plan, just give them a 1000$ item which can be attached to every hero and make him doubling his abilities.

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    Dear Leader
    Thank you for your suggestions. For Elite Crusade 1,2 we will let our production team know. For Totems, I will let them know too but please don't expect anything would change in a near future. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    IMHO, best way to deal with them is add them just for Elite Crusade only, check how many people spend gems & tributes, read response from players and only after few months decide: add them to other modes or not.

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