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Thread: Old angelyne v.s New

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    Old angelyne v.s New

    New angelyn in Matched mode]Old Angelyne #1]Old Angelyne #2

    The 1st and most obvious is the fact that she could heal her team more as old angelyne and keep them full of life, as compared to old angelyne. All of these games are v.s Robots except this one made by me for the guild HK to showcase mistakes made during that game. to 8:40 -- 7:51 i was in a terrible position but i was able to HEAL, and stay alive. then i was able to keep myself full hp with my abilities. this is to showcase how bad new Angelyn is compared to the old. -- Mage teamate goes to kill lord, and is low HP, i get there and i get him above half HP with all my abilities. That's the kind of healer that's preferred in this game, when you create heroes like Paradox who are extremely powerful and will half HP anyone with her 1st ability.

    The only issue i saw with old Angelyne was she did not get gold on assist. The reason being is that her Passive did not work at all. it never damaged anyone, thus it was not able to give assists. please revert Angelyne please please please.
    if you can not do that, lower the cooldown of her 1st ability so she can properly heal. and then we can work something out.

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    I watched both of these videos in the past and played with her: she was very good. Now. If you can say that new one is better try to answer baldis third question on second notebook.

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