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Thread: A suggestion about an item

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    Lightbulb A suggestion about an item

    Good day !

    I would like to suggest that you place the article to change the name of the guild in the store, if possible to buy with tickets.

    --> Or could you make the nickname change work for both? I mean, to change the nickname player and clan name. It would be very practical.

    The last update is very cool, but don't put Epic skins in exchange, i spend a lot on skins buying diamonds hahaha, just put classic skins pls.

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    They should add guild tags that add onto every player in that guild which can be customized by the guild captain. Itís annoying when you want a longer name but you have to put your guild tag in your name and the name you want is too long with the guild tag.

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    Dear Player
    Thank you for your suggestion. For the nickname change item. You could get it from the Ticket Roulette. If you use all tickets on the roulette, it would not take long to get one. I personally got two in two month. For the guild name change, according to most MMORPG's custom, guild name cannot be changed once it's created. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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