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Thread: Idea to bring in the Summoner

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    Idea to bring in the Summoner

    Make him a pay to unlock hero.


    Make him a seven star hero. (200 fragments for six and 500 for seven)
    Can be unlocked when you get fragments for five stars,
    Give him a Super Epic Skin (1000 fragments)
    Mighty Legendary Skill (120 fragments and fragments are only available on a special stage only open on the 31th of the month.)
    Skill increase arenít paid with gold but with gems.
    Summoner has a one hour cool down to use unless you pay gems. (This included if Summoner is used in area defense as well.)

    The ultimate UCool hero.

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    You forgot, $20 per fragment

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    Good idea but i disagree with:

    Quote Originally Posted by ironfortress View Post
    Skill increase arenít paid with gold but with gems.
    Every skill should be paid for real money no gems. For example, 1st skill should cost 1 dollar, 2nd 2 dollars and etc. The last skill you can open if only Summoner has a Super Epic Skin

    If player do not raise the skill for 1 hour it will reset

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