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Thread: Another payed hero really?

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    Yeah, I agree. I played 3 years in that game. Enough.... game is dead and totally "play2win". It is incredible difference between players who pay and who don't.. new heros TOTALLY OP... don't want to say "thanks" to game developers. U just ruined 3 years of my life. Don't want to play that unbalanced shit anymore. Bye!

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    You only need to look at the declining number of people in Championships... each season it's dropping by a few thousand
    It's hard to tell exactly how many as I suspect up to 50%
    Even with bots, the numbers are way down from a year ago. Ucool as spiraled in a lose/lose situation. They created an hostile environment for the people that could be competitive with little expense (the majority of players) and now they need to milk the less numerous big spenders for all they can to compensate. By doing so they lose more players, so they will need to get more from the few remaining.

    big spenders as a means to coax / pressure players into making more purchases.
    Which again is a dumb strategy. It makes the low spenders quit. The strategy to get low spenders to spend a little more is making game competitive to all levels of spending, so you know that it doesn't matter how little you spend you always get a chance. that way people don't just quit. WoG used to be the place where low spenders coould enjoy the game if they were any good. Now the proportion of OP VIP heroes and OP skins even ruined that for the skilled player that can't or wont spend more than a price of a latte per month. Which is a reasonable amount to spend on something that is not essential before someone gets referred to counseling for addiction.

    I'm fairly sure ucool still have a huge debt to pay off for that obscene superbowl ad from 2015 (this saved the company/game from the Lilith law suit).
    LOL. Lillith law suit went away because they both are now being sued by Valve and Blizzard. it's going to trial by jury in federal court. Problem is that they validate their ownership rights on a forum post of Eul relinquishing is rights to the Dota mod. He later sold those rights to Valve. That would have been a violation of the EULA of Warcraft from which Dota is a mod, but Valve and Blizzard came to an agreement that leaves Lillith and Ucool out and them free to sue then, which they did.

    Ucool argued that Dota was a collective work, not Eul's to sell, and lost that argument and that is why it's going to trial. Not a lawyer, but they seem to be between a rock and an hard place. They can't go back and pretend they can argue that they have far more original content when they argued before that they had the rights based on a forum post. That bridge is burnt. So they either convince a jury that the forum donation is binding or they lose to valve. Now if they win that battle, they have admitted they are using a mod from world of warcraft to make money. That is a violation of the WoW Eula, and they fall in to the claws of Blizzard. Unless they reach a settlement or sell the game to either of them, they look like toast.

    This is the scenario since May 2017. Now you understand why developers changed the game to milk the saps for all they got as fast as they can?

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