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    Newbie Player

    Hello guys , im newbie and i have some questions
    I play this game from 2 months maybe everyday.
    I'm Vip 5 and i do all advanced instances and campaign , im always clean hard crusade 15/15.
    The problem is i have only the stupied champions from the start..My best team is War Chief 5* Commando 5* , Ember blade 4* Halberd Master 4* DeathMage 4*.. the other heroes are Old Curse 4* , Commander 4* , Ghost Musician 4* , Succubus 4* And Wind Master 4* but they are so weak ;/ I just try to shop something from Soul Shop so i get Venom Master but only one star..
    Can u tell me how i can summon other OP champs , because its gonna be boring for me -.- however i cant beat the other players they are 6-7 levels under me and they still smash me..
    Im level 80 , thank u in advance.

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    post some pictures from your shops since many servers has different heroes in different shops

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    The game stucks at a point and leveling the heros becomes very time intensive. Collect Soulstones to increase the heroes basia strengh.

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