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Thread: Balancing heroes (puppet master, Dragon lord, etc.) + Crusade

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    Balancing heroes (puppet master, Dragon lord, etc.) + Crusade

    I'm at level 74, 2 weeks after the release/rework of Dragon Lord. What a disaster! Crusade has become a nigthmare, facing DL in 90% of battles every day. Almost everyone uses exactly the same heroes in defense arena, crusade, etc. : puppet master, void master, dragon lord, Halberd (if they have it), etc.. It's ridiculous how strong these cards are! Please balance these cards so a variety of heroes/strategies can compete, this is not fun at all

    The order of the battles in crusade is also weird/unfair (not in ascending order of difficulty), and the rewards in the first half of crusade are too insignificant, it's barely worth our time now!

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    I have to disappoint you but there won't be any major balancing.
    If you don't like to face only a hand full of heroes out of a ~140 pool then you will have to quit playing Heroes Charge.

    Crusade (as some other modes) are really time consuming that's why they implemented Vanguard Team lately which basically allows you to skip stage 9 to 11.

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    This is the way it goes, dude. The hero pool is always limited - either due to limited choices (early game) or viability (mid and late game). Crusade teams are based on Arena teams, so when you get a fixed meta in Arena, that's all you're gonna see in Crusade too.
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    My beste vanguard team was to stage 14. Mostly between 9-12

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