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Thread: Suggestion Red Envelope assignments

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    Suggestion Red Envelope assignments

    Red Envelope / Chest rewards..

    While I understand that the chest rewards are technically more rewarding than red envelopes if you are comparing the gems.......
    I'm a heavy spender and find it annoying how there is never enough keys...

    Would you be able to implement red envelopes to which leaders who spent the money can give to guild mates whom he or she desires?

    I think it's a great incentive to motivate members being active and rewarding effort.

    At the moment there is no real way to reward hard working members as an officer or leader.

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    They need to revert back to the Red Envelopes. The chests were crap for everyone involved, from the free players to the big spenders. Everyone hated them. I have a detailed post on the Gameplay section of the forum about it.
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