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Thread: Legendary heroes

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    Legendary heroes

    Litterally ucool , what is the purpose of releasing no sense Legendary heroes. In this case Enchantress.You are doing that just to convince us that your production team is doing something or what?
    No art work has been done on them.I mean like " change after heroe becomes a Legendary , no nothing , 0 effort in all of this.

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    supposedly they make older heroes that need boosts legendary ( like chaplain doesn't need anything, still meta, so she doesn't need a legendary). That said the enchantress legendary does almost nothing. i may eat my words on that, but that occurs. Some legendaries are really really good. And i 100x100% agree with the art. The stupid yellow circle as an indicator is so lazy. Other similar games once a character is made legendary, they get reskinned, new card artwork, and it makes it FEEL like an accomplishment. The skins for ridiculous money is the route this company took. They could ( like other games )sell special ones for 10$, and they'd make a ton of money. they went ass backwards with greed on this. The vengeance spirit legendary will be good.. usually they release 2 legendaries at the same time, one is crap, one is great. I just think they need to change the look of a legendary hero as well, Been saying that for 2 years now-

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