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    Your game is so rotten that this message will never pass.. I wonder if only one of my messages will end up here!!!

    I've been playing a heroes charge for years now, but the inequality between very paying players and the others is increasingly unbearable and painful.

    I'm stuck at a full level because heroes too powerful and impossible to beat for ordinary gamers like me.

    We start to play enthusiastically and then we become circumspect.

    And we then have the choice between being small and puny, to hang out behind everyone, or to pay foolish and ridiculous sums to procure powerful heroes in order to finally be able to advance a little.

    Then you know what? I decided to stop the charges. And stopped completely to play your crazy game. I finished picking up the few play pieces to pay at great expense and I'm fooling the camp from there. Adios.

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    That's a good suggestion

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    Eso no les importa, solo get paid.

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    This game become too hard to complete all the feature now...
    I miss the old HC before the warhall update >.<
    Server 20 and 45 Player
    Just call me YS

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    Seems that ucool are in dire need of funds... it won't be long before ucool is uncool.

    I'm a tard... it's already uncool :P

    The shit they pulled with this level cap removal on new servers has turned a paying customer into an unpaid hater who wishes nothing more than utter financial ruin for the company and any investors retarded enough to get involved.

    May my hatred spread far and wide, infecting forums and google search queries for years to come.. UNLEASH THE FORUM BOTS SMITHERS! UNLEASH THEM NOW! mwahahahahahahahahahah

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