1. Guild Challenge
- it's fight between 2 guild. The concept is same as arena, 1vs 1.
- one guild will challenge other guild. The guild that being challenge can decide to accept or not. When both agree, the contest will start. It will require some guild point and minimum guild member is 40.
- first each member must select five(5) hero to form a team. They can't change the hero once team has be form. There will be ten slot that make 10 battle at one time.
-In first fight, Guild A will put 10 team on defend line, one team per slot. Then Guild B will attack after guild A finish put a team on defend slot(in time given). The defend team is visible. The team that win will receive 1Star and team that lost will become dead and can't use for next fight.
-the second fight will happen on another day. The role is change where guild B will be on defend and guild A will attack.
- Then next 3rd, 4th... battle until when one guild lost all their team. Each one win will give one score to the guild. Example in first fight guild A win 6 fight, the total score is 6:4.
-The player can use the Star they get from win for some advantages: 1 star- can use to change team, 2star can use to redeem some trap card & 3star can use to revive one dead guildmate team. The team will dead when lost no matter how star it have.
-Trap card: player can use trap card when the put team on defend line(invisible to attacker). Trap card can give buff to team of debuff on enemy. Example, increase team attck, hp, energy etc. Reduce enemy attack, armor, mr.
-The guild winner will be determined by total score after the all fight end.