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Thread: Potion Consumption limitation

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    Potion Consumption limitation

    you can only use at a maximum 100 XP potion at a time (1000 stamina limit)

    1- Use 100 Potion,
    2- Raid desired chapter
    repeat 1 and 2 (if you have 9999 potions, you have to repeat the process 100 times.

    My suggestion is as follow.
    Allow going over 1000 stamina, but give a warning that extra potions will be lost if not consumed within a certain time (24 hours?)
    Or reduce 1 stamina per second until you reach a certain limit (1500?) after a grace period (30 minutes?)

    I know you can go over the limit when you level up or use time rewards (noon, 6pm and 9pm).

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    Huh and huh?

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