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Thread: GC Dif6

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    GC Dif6

    Why we have to fight full R4 109-110 teams when we are only 106.

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    Why do we have to demote to diff 5 almost every week cause the rewards are ridicilous?trash trash trash is all we get...we DONT want r2 loot or shitty r3 gear...

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    In fact, the imbalance between gears is severe.
    Among the red+3 gears, pearl, shield, and staff are scarce.
    Especially the pearl is terrible.
    When 108 level, we need a lot of shields.
    But the axes, eye, and necklace are enough.
    So, even if the red+3 gears appear in the Grand Challenge, the reactions of the users are so different.

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    Pearls need to go to ancient temple. Otherwise they will be scarce until end of the game.

    Actually it would be nice if ancient temple rewards include also shields and staff randomly.

    But ucool acts like a snail. Look at plundering. They have 7-8 teams and can't fix it since 15 days now. Pathetic.

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