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Thread: Future

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    Nothing, dont worry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zissop View Post
    I want to know your Arena rank. I bet less than 300.
    how much do u wanna bet? how bout never using ur VIP 11 heroes ever again? scared?
    Server 105, Non VIP, Level 107, 1.8m+ Total Power, 32 Legendaries, 644 Hero Stars, Highest GT Finish - 4th, 108k Team Power

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    Honestly, I can not understand why you are saying that.

    Of course, I also often complain about ucool's game operations.
    I sometimes feel angry or frustrated, too.

    However, they continue to do something, even if it is slow.
    They seems to be working hard on their own.
    I try to think so.

    The essence of your article is that this game will not last long.
    By the way, Betty is giving answers daily except on weekends.

    New content continues to emerge.
    The game is also updated several times a week.

    Although not satisfactory, they are accommodating the needs of users.
    Yesterday they removed the Halberd Master from the plundering opponents because users hate to meet him there.

    If Betty does not answer here anymore and there is no update for more than a month, then you can worry about shutting down the server.
    But now it is never.

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