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Thread: Boss War Question

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    Boss War Question

    I have a disagreement with someone regarding the boss war. I believe that every 100K in damage suffered and the boss gets stronger against whatever team she is facing. My mate believes that for every 100K in damage caused to the boss, the fighting team gets a bonus.

    He says when you press on the +1 or +2, etc during the fight is says there is a 40% increase. He believes this is for the team fighting and I believe this is for the boss you are fighting.

    I have no idea where he is getting his thoughts from, but I am looking at the rules for boss war and #4 specifically which states "The Boss will become stronger for each certain amount of HP lost"

    Does anyone have the correct answer to this?
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    Of course the Boss get stronger, not your team. Its obvious when you reach +7 and up, he wipes out your entire team with a single shot.

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    Boss gets stronger every 100k you hit.
    If your team gets a buff every 100k you hit, then we gonna see billion damages.
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    lol, read the rules.

    4. The boss will become stronger for each certain amount of HP lost

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